Diamond and CBN wheel

Brake dressers

Brake dressers are specially manufactured to dress and sharp your diamond CBN resin and metal bonded wheels. This dresser is coated with a protective casing treated with a special paint for high resistance. The main shaft is mounted on bearings, which ensures high accuracy of use. This tool is mandatory using diamond and CBN grinding wheels !

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Wheel for brake dresser

Green dressing wheels which fited on the brake dresser (spare wheel) are ideal for the maintenance of all your diamond and CBN wheels. Adapted for the most of the part of sharpening machines.

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Diamond electroplated bonded dressers (galvanic)

Diamond electroplated bonded dressers are manufactured to sharp and dress your CBN resin bonded wheels. This diamond electroplated dresser is composed of a standard cylindrical rod, but other attachments are possible.

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Sharpening stones

For the sharpening of all the diamonds wheels and the diamonds cutting discs (resin & metal bonded), sharpening stones are essential to clean your wheels.

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