Our profession

DIAMATEC manufactures diamond, CBN grinding wheels, and other diamond tools such as cutting discs, files, drills, routers, and also everything you need to maintain the lifetime of your tools : sharpening stones, diamond dressers … These tools are manufactured with metallic bond, resin bond or electroplated.


DIAMATEC carefully selecting raw materials and has a complete control of the machining to insure high quality diamond tools.

Every year, DIAMATEC invests in R&D, new machines and training to answer to your needs.Our deadlines are 1 to 3 weeks instead of 4 to 8 weeks usually.

Our history

diamatec team

DIAMATEC was born in the second half of 1991 after the acquisition of SARL MENARD (€ 15,245 capital) specialized in manufacturing diamond or CBN tools for GLASS and MECHANICAL industries for 40 years.

The new leader, into profession since 30 years, tripled the turnover in spite of the bad economic situation during the first 2 years.

In January 2004, DIAMATEC has been regrouped with STD (Diamond Technical Company, established in 1961) under the direction of Mr VRILLACQ in a plant near BESANCON.

In 2006, STD was absorbed by DIAMATEC to create a more important technical and commercial structure. At this occasion the capital was increased to € 99,800.

In 2012, the company « 3D France » was acquired by DIAMATEC. This new synergy allow us to answer quicker to the needs of our customer and offer a wider variety of solutions.

Our market solutions